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Energy Expenditure

We all know that our bodies burn energy when we are physically active. But just how much energy do we burn when we participate in different types of physical activity.

Use the Energy Expenditure Calculator to determine the amount of energy (kilojoules and calories) you burn during your favourite physical activity.

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Activity Exercised Minutes Activity Exercised Minutes
Badminton Rowing-Racing - fast
Baseball Running-10 km/hr
Basketball-Competition Running-12 km/hr
Basketball-Practice Running-13.5 km/hr
Bowling Running-16 km/hr
Boxing-Competition Running-8 km/hr
Boxing-Practice Running-Cross country
Canoeing Sailing
Cricket Scuba diving
Cycling-Leisure - medium Skateboarding
Cycling-Leisure - slow Skiing
Cycling-Racing - fast Snorkeling
Dancing-Aerobic Soccer
Dancing-Ballroom Softball
Dancing-Modern Squash
Dancing-Twist / Lambada Surfing
Football Swimming - fitness-back stroke
Frisbee Swimming - fitness-breast stroke
Golf Swimming - fitness-Butterfly
Gymnastics Swimming - fitness-Freestyle - fast
Hockey Swimming - fitness-Freestyle - slow
Karate Table Tennis
Motor cycle riding Tennis-Competition
Mountain climbing Tennis-Recreational
Resistance Training-Free weights Volleyball
Resistance Training-Universal Walking
Rowing-Machine Windsurfing